Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Rofoof trading establishment is an individual enterprise with a commercial register number 4030569585 and its head office is Saudi Arabia, Jeddah PO Box 8809 and Postal Code 23544.

We take your privacy very seriously and therefore wish to inform you of the way in which your data is collected, used, shared and stored. This privacy policy and cookies apply to information collected and processed through

Your visit to the Website or the posting of information through registration or associated customer service channels constitutes your acceptance of the practices set out in this Privacy Policy and cookies and on the terms and conditions of the Site. Please note that our privacy policy and cookies are updated from time to time and that you are bound to comply with the latest policy update posted on our site. Therefore, you should always review our privacy policy and cookies for the latest versions.

Within this policy, we provide you with options for collecting, using and disclosing your personal information. By accessing our site directly or through another site, you acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policy and agree to the practices and practices detailed below.

The data will be collected and used:

We may need to collect your entities by using a shelving platform (buying – selling) so that we can provide you with our services, communicate effectively with you, and serve you in a secure manner. But not limited to providing us with contact information and personal data such as:

name, address, telephone number, e-mail, receipt address (from the seller), delivery address (to the buyer), details of your bank account to be added to your account information. Information for billing purposes and for completing payments.

We also use this information to develop and improve the site and our services and make it more user-friendly also in the audits to download data from the site and identify the visitors of the site.

Rofoof manages the financial transactions through bank transfer, SADAD, FISA and MASTERCARD in the future. Therefore, you must provide accurate and non-misleading information for the site, and you should always update it whenever any change occurs.

We will store the details of your current claim on our site but we cannot withdraw it directly for security reasons. When you log in to the site you will be able to view your details, information and details of your purchases or sales that you have made through the site and you will be able to manage your data, your addresses and any promotional or marketing bulletins you have subscribed to. And you undertake not to disclose the password to an unauthorized third party which may make your personal data and information available to that party, we do not take any responsibility for what may result from your disclosure to other people to use your password.

Other uses of your personal information:

We may use your information and personal data in surveys and marketing research, if you wish to do so, for statistical purposes, with full confidentiality and you may withdraw at any time. Your email address is not disclosed unless you wish to participate in contests.

Third parties and site links:

We may share your identifying information with our agents and contractors to assist us in financial and logistic transactions in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy. To name but a few Fedex Global Delivery Company. Or to be used for statistical and marketing research purposes and to assist in customer service and protection.

The site may contain third-party advertisements or links to other sites or frames of other sites so we note that we are not responsible for any third party's privacy policy or the content of those policies applied at other sites, nor are we responsible for any third party we transfer to Your data in accordance with their privacy policy.

For social networking sites If you are logged into the platform using Facebook, you can set your visit to your Facebook account. If you interact with a social extension, for example, by clicking on "Like" or entering a comment, the information related to that will be transferred directly from your browser to Facebook and stored by it. This information can also be posted on Facebook and shown to your friends on Facebook.


If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to link your visit data with your own membership information such as add-ons and Facebook's pre-stored Facebook, please log out of Facebook before accessing our site.

For more information about the size and purpose of data collection by Facebook and the way in which it is used and processed, and to learn more about your rights in relation to this matter and learn more about setting options to protect your privacy, please visit the Privacy Policy for Facebook.


If you are a Twitter member and do not want Twitter to link your visit data to your website with your membership information already stored by Twitter, we kindly ask you to sign out of Twitter before accessing our e-platform.

For more information about the size and purpose of Twitter's data collection and how this data is used and processed. To learn more about your rights in this regard and to learn more about setting up options to protect your privacy, please visit the Twitter Privacy Policy.


Define cookies:

Cookies are very small files that are saved on a user's computer and include your own information about your preferred settings and other data that your system needs when interacting with your browser.

There are two types of cookies: instant text files that are deleted the moment you close your browser. And temporary / permanent cookies are stored on your computer for a longer period of time and sometimes permanently. The use of cookies helps us to select information that suits your particular taste or that you want to see on our site. Cookies enable us to store any information that you enter so that you will not be asked to re-enter it when you visit the site again and remember the options you have taken of lists and any other specific information.

Types of cookies that are used by shelving platform:

Most of the cookies that are used by rofoof platform are instantaneous text files that are deleted at the moment of closing the Internet browser. Cookies are also used to enable us to save the contents of the shopping cart as you navigate through the pages of the site. For example, we use some files that are stored on your computer after you close the browser, which allows our system to save your information after you visit us and view your data, preferences and products you have chosen.

The type of data that is collected in cookies:

No personal data is saved to customers in cookies that are used by a rack platform so no user's privacy can be violated or tracked individually.

Third party link files:

Rofoof platform allows you to use cookies from our contracting companies to provide online advertising and offers tailored to each customer's particular taste. The sole purpose of using third-party link files is to allow our partners to advertise products of your own interest.

The cookie blocking feature on your computer:

You can change this feature by setting up your browser, so you will be asked and asked every time cookies try to access your computer, and you will then have the option to accept if you want to accept or reject cookies from rofoof. To decline cookies from our partners, you need to change the settings to block cookies from any third party

Access data:

· Each time you visit the site, rofoof sends the information from the IP browser to the log file of the rofoof server, where it is saved.

· Information includes: the time and date of the site visit, the pages you viewed, the URL of the stored information, and the type of browser you used on our site.

· The anonymous information stored in the server log file was used to improve the shopping experience on our platform and to make our site easier to navigate, quickly find errors and redirect server capabilities to development as needed. To the best of our knowledge, this information allows us to calculate our peak congestion times and therefore to develop a plan to estimate the server's ability to maintain our site as quickly as possible. By doing so, you are granting validity shelves by analyzing and using protocol data to develop and improve platform performance.


Information you provide to us via the website is stored on secure servers and we use appropriate security techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorized access. The SADAD payment platform is used as a security payment system and SADAD Payment System is one of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) systems launched in 2004 as a centralized system for displaying and paying invoices and other payments electronically in Saudi Arabia, in addition to Visa and Mastercard services. Our security procedures require that we sometimes ask you to verify your identity before We disclose your personal information to you and it is your responsibility to protect your password and your computer from unauthorized access.


By submitting any data to us or our agents using our website, you agree to use our information as described in this Privacy Policy to verify your identity.

Your rights:

Please contact us at 0560940089 or email [email protected] if you have any suggestions or complaints.